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Next-Level Skin Resurfacing Facial Treatment
Powered by SkinMedica Pro Infusion Serums

Diamond Glow ✨

Dermal Infusions

Reveal Your RadianceTransform Your SkinReclaim Your GlowAchieve Total ClarityRegain Lost Luminosity

Expect More Than A Glow

Diamond Glow facial infusions leave skin instantly renewed after just one session. Better yet, each subsequent treatment offers continual enhancement + results.

After Full Treatment Series

Enjoy Long-Lasting Reduction of:
Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Roughness and Dryness
Dark Spots, Discoloration
Dull, Dry, Congested Skin

After Just One Treatment

Witness Instant Skin Improvements
Brighter & Smoother
Fresher & Healthier
Clearer w/ Less Pores
More Even Tone/Texture

More Than a Glow.
A Total Skin Transformation.

Experience DiamondGlow™—a next-level, noninvasive skin-resurfacing treatment, designed to work with SkinMedica®, the best in skincare science. Together, they deliver radiant, healthy-looking skin.


Fast-Acting, Long-Lasting Results

Just one DiamondGlow session immediately enhances clarity + luminosity
Even better, you’ll see continuous skin improvement each and every treatment.

You’re certain to love your instantly dewy, brighter skin + clarified, radiant complexion infused with a custom-formulated blend of nourishing SkinMedica Pro-Infusion Serums, catered to your unique skin profile and cosmetic concerns.

1 Treatment — 2 Weeks

Face / Neck / Eyes / Lips

Results after 2 weeks following 1 treatment with SkinMedica® Pore Clarifying Pro-Infusion Serum (face, neck) and SkinMedica® Skin Brightening Pro-Infusion Serum (eyes, lips).

2 Treatment — 4 Weeks

Face / Eyes / T-Zone

Results after 4 weeks following 2 treatments with SkinMedica® Pore Clarifying Pro-Infusion Serum administered 2 weeks apart and a curated SkinMedica® skincare regimen.

3 Treatments — 6 Weeks

Face / Eyes / T-Zone

Results after 6 weeks following 3 treatments with SkinMedica® Skin Brightening Pro-Infusion Serum administered 2 weeks apart and a curated SkinMedica® skincare regimen.

We Don’t Simply
Skim the Surface.

DiamondGlow™ is more than a facial. Unlike traditional wet facial treatments, which rely on chemical exfoliation to treat skin at surface level, DiamondGlow’s™ patented recessed diamond tip wand delivers a next-level resurfacing treatment that deeply cleans and rejuvenates the skin.


x SkinMedica

A treatment as unique as you are – powered by premium SkinMedica® Pro-Infusion serums — infused onto the skin when pores are still open and most receptive. See why DiamondGlow™ will be your skin’s new obsession.


Three Technologies

in One Simple Step


To Regenerate Cell Growth for Renewed Skin + Remove Dead Skin


To Deeply Cleanse the Skin + Remove Debris from Pores


Infuses Skin with Nourishing Pro-Infusion SkinMedica Serums
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