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Dramatically Increase Muscle Tone, Enhance + Contour Your Body + Improve Strength for a More Sculpted, Fit Physique.

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Sculpt + Tone Your Physique, Strengthen Muscles, + Contour Your Body with No Downtime.

Certain stubborn body areas — your arms, legs, abs, or butt — just won’t tone, no matter how many crunches, squats, or cardio sessions you do.

That’s where Evolve Tone body sculpting comes in

This innovative body contouring treatment utilizes EMS technology (electrical muscle stimulation) to target specific muscles in the abdomen and buttocks to refine and sculpt your natural physique — without the downtime or scars associated with invasive surgery. Not only does increased muscle tone do the obvious — improve + sculpt your physique — it has the added benefit of reducing body fat, increasing energy + metabolism, and warding off sickness and disease.

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Literally Redefine Your Physique, Remodel Your Body + Renew Confidence, While Reclined + Relaxed.

Strengthen + Tone Your Muscles — Moving a Muscle

Evolve is a 100% hands-free procedure, freeing you to read a magazine, scroll Instagram on your phone, or indulge in a cat nap during treatment. Plus, it frees your service provider to give you a photofacial, microneedling, or treatment of your choice while Evolve Tone works its magic.

Evolve Tone is a non-surgical solution designed specifically to increase muscle strength, which enhances the shape and tone of your body. It works by emitting electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions. Achieve the chiseled, toned body of your dreams with no downtime or gym time. It’s the perfect no pain, all gain solution for those desire a toned and refined look, but find that rigorous diets and hours in the gym cannot haven’t had the intended effect or don’t fit in their schedule.

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Treat + Target Multiple Body Areas Simultaneously

Evolve Tone features four hands-free applicators that can target multiple areas simultaneously — for example, two on the abs and two on the arms. By custom-tailoring your treatment and precisely-targeting specific muscle groups, Evolve Tone proves the gold standard in Bodysculpting tech for precision, control, customizability, and efficacy.

The Next-Gen Muscle-Toning Alternative to EmSculpt, Cool Tone, Liposuction, and Strenuous Exercise or Workout Regimens

"Many people desire a toned and refined look, but find that even rigorous diets and hours in the gym cannot help them achieve the desired results. Compared to EmSculpt, Cooltone, or Lipo, Evolve Tone has clinically proven to be the most effective solution available for the to improve muscle tone, increase strength, and enhance definition."

Dr. Spero Theodoro, MDAmerican Society of Plastic Surgeons

"We all know how hard it is to work our various muscle groups to tone and shape the body. Beyond the difficulty finding the time (especially since during this crazy spring and early summer when we’ve been barred from using most gym facilities), often it’s simply not possible to do enough reps to actually sculpt the impacted muscles."

Dr. Brendan Smith, MDAmerican Board of Plastic Surgery

The Countless Benefits of Evolve Tone BodySculpting

  • 100% Non-invasive, non-surgical, needle-free + no downtime
  • Safe on all skin types and colors
  • Painless, but you’ll feel like you had a nice workout without the sweat
  • Requires absolutely zero downtime or recovery of any kind
  • Boosts metabolism + blood circulation
  • Rapidly strengthens your core
  • Tones your legs, butt, and arms
  • Sculpts + defines your whole body
  • 100% customizable & personalized
  • Just 30 minutes, perfect fitting in over a long lunch break
  • Target multiple areas simultaneously

Targeted Toning w/o

Tirelessly Training

Common Evolve Tone BodySculpting Questions

How Many Evolve Tone Session Will I Need?

For optimal results, we recommend a series of six Evolve Tone treatments to to develop and sculpt the target muscle groups. You’ll schedule one Evolve treatment per week for six weeks.

Annual maintenance sessions can help keep you muscles toned. These can be schedule more frequently, depending on your condition and goals.

How Long Is An Evolve Tone Session?

The average treatment time is 20-30 minutes. However, this may vary slightly depending on the areas being treated.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

You will begin to see gradually more noticeable improvements in muscle tone in the treatment area beginning with your very first few Evolve Tone sessions, with results compounding over time.

Is There Any Downtime?

There is no downtime or recovery period. After an Evolve Tone treatment, you may feel mildly sore, as if you did some sit-ups or crunches.

Who is a Good Candidate for Evolve Tone?

Evolve Tone is an effective muscle strengthening and toning treatment for both men and women.

An ideal body toning candidate is typically physically active. He or she has a healthy diet and lifestyle, but wants more definition in their abs and hips, or wants to lift their buttocks.

What Does Evolve Tone Feel Like? Does It Hurt?

Evolve Tone is quick and painless. At first, the rapid, controlled muscle contractions initiated by Evolve Tone feels a little funny. In fact, some it makes some patients instinctively smile or giggle.

Once you get used to the rhythm of the machine, the Tone treatment feels like a series of strong muscle contractions, like you would feel during a hard workout (without the effort).

You may experience a little soreness just as you would after a workout for a day or two after your Evolve Tone session. There is no post-treatment care necessary!

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