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A Technological Revolution in the Art of Aesthetics and Science of Skin Beautifying

Science, innovation and art of the dermocosmesis

Effortless, Effective, Revolutionary Clinical-Grade Skincare Protocol + Procedure

The PRX-T33 Protocol

No needles are required to achieve a beautiful skin effortlessly. PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid is a liquid that, applied with a specific technique, provides immediate aesthetic improvement and deep hydration. Our formula has been tested over the years and is covered by an international patent. This product is unique because it combines the effects of H2O2 and a high concentration of TCA for an effective skin beautifying.

Effortless For the Doctor, Fully Safe for the Patient

  • ✓ 100% Needle-Free Procedure
  • ✓ Painless with No Discomfort
  • ✓ Zero Downtime or Recovery
  • ✓ Non-Photosensitizing : Safe for Summer
  • ✓ Quick, Convenient 10-15 min Session
  • ✓ Provides Immediate, Palpable Firming

When patients see their skin, they do not gasp and wonder how to go to work tomorrow. They are amazed at the tightness, evenness, and glow the protocol provides immediately. I can treat almost any client at any age, during any season, without downtime.

Anastasiya Halytcka, BSN, RNNational Trainer for WiQo US

PRX-T33's balance of TCA w/ H202 + Kojic Acid is a game changer — allowing people of color the certainty of safe results and visible improvements, whereas most other anti-aging treatments are off-limits due to the reactivity of colored skin.

Dr Dalvi Humzah, MD, KOLMaster Cosmetic Surgeon, Britain

Process x PRX 

Process x PRX 

Process x PRX 

Process x PRX 

Process x PRX 

Process x PRX 

I. Cleanse the Skin.

Apply WiQo P SOLUTION to delicately cleanse skin w/o drying, greasing, or leaving residue.

II. Boost Stimulation

The practitioner applies the PRX-T33 with a specific, proprietary massage technique.

III. Restore the Skin

Apply WiQo MOISTURIZING FACE CREAM FOR DRY SKIN after the PRX-T33 application, the skin needs moisturizing and protection. WiQo MOISTURIZING FACE CREAM FOR DRY SKIN provides both. It restores the hydrolipidic film with nutrient-rich shea butter, Vitamins A + E, plus plant extracts.

IV. Complete, Maintain

Apply WiQo FACIAL SMOOTHING FLUID starting the day after the PRX-T33 application. WiQo FACIAL SMOOTHING FLUID is an extensively tested dermocosmetic product, containing low pH glycolic acid (8%), with a balanced formula for the skin. Despite the pH value (approximately 3), the product is well tolerated by all skin types and does not cause burning sensation if applied on unbroken skin.

Frequently Asked PRX-T33 Treatment Questions

What is PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2 /KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid? Is it a peel?

PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid is an innovative patented aesthetic product used for specific indications and is FDA conformed in the United States. It is not a peel since there is no “peeling” or frosting after application. Patented combination of ingredients helps to stimulate collagen formation and promote skin beautification.

Why is PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid different than a peel?

PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid application protocol does not cause peeling but uses a patented combination of its components to help to stimulate collagen production at the level of the papillary dermis. There is no downtime associated with a standard “chemical peel” and results are immediate and, after completion of the recommended protocol, long-lasting.

What are the benefits of this product?

PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid has multiple advantages: it works very well on its own to beautify or refresh the skin of the face, neck, décolleté and body, or it can be combined with any procedures to enhance them. The most common application is on the face, but it can be used to improve stretch marks and recent depressed scars on the face or body.

Can I have PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid done if I have active acne?

PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid is not contraindicated in acne patients, however, the product should be used with caution and a consultation with your aesthetic physician/dermatologist is recommended. Topical retinoic acid (isotretinoin) should be suspended for 15 days prior to application and resumed once the post-application erythema improved.

Do you have any pre-treatment suggestions?

As a rule it’s not necessary to discontinue the use of cosmetics containing active ingredients (such as AHAs) if the user is tolerating them well. Use of any product causing erythema must be discontinued at least 15 days prior the application of PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid and can be resumed at the end of the cycle.

Sunburn alert: products containing AHAs, Retinol or Isotretinoin may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburns. The combination of AHA or Retinol products with PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense application may increase the skin sensitivity even further. Use a sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterwards.

Pay special attention to retinoid-based products, distinguishing between Retinol (vit. A) and Retinoic acid (see table below)

All applications must be performed under the practitioner’s responsibility and referring to PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense and WiQo products’ directions for use, and the directions for use of all other products to be combined.

RETINOL TOPICAL Yes if the product is well tolerated
Retinoic Acid (e.g. Isotreinoin) TOPICAL Not if the person has been using Retinoic acid in the 15 days before PRX-T33 application.
TABLETS Not if the person has been using Retinoic acid in the 15 days before PRX-T33 application.

What is the process like during application?

The session will begin with deep delicate cleansing. Then the doctor will test the product on a limited area and proceed to apply PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid on the whole area selected for application with a massage, without using needles or injections. You may feel a slight burning or itching sensation, which is normal and shows that the product is working. Keep reporting your sensations to the doctor. If you feel too uncomfortable to continue the application say so and the doctor will suspend the session if necessary. After the doctor has applied the correct number of layers for your indication, they will wash off the residue from your skin with water and apply a post-application cream. Before you leave the practice your doctor will instruct you on the home care dermo-cosmetic regimen.

Is there any discomfort during the application?

Frequently patients ask about discomfort, however PRX PROTOCOL is well tolerated by most patients. Only minimal itching or burning sensation during application is reported and is considered normal. Please communicate with your aesthetic provider if this sensation increases during procedure and procedure becomes uncomfortable. At this point, will recommend discontinuation of application, neutralization with water, and application of WiQo Moisturizing Face Cream for Dry Skin.

How many applications do I need to see a difference in my skin?

One session is usually sufficient to achieve a temporary effect of skin beautification, however for a long-lasting reversal of signs of aging, your aesthetic provider may recommend 4-6 weekly applications.

How long do I have to wait in between sessions?

In our experience one-week interval is sufficient for repeated applications, but a specific protocol can be recommended by your aesthetic provider based on your individual needs.

Can I combine PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid with other procedures?

Our company has developed multiple combination protocols for advanced level providers. Please address your specific needs with your aesthetic provider to determine which protocol is best for you.

If I am doing this before an event, how many days prior should I schedule the appointment?

Everyone’s skin responds differently and if you had PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid application, please make decision-based on your previous experience. For new clients, allow up to 5 days for your skin to resolve any flaking/redness that may occur.

What should I expect immediately post-application?

After the application, your skin will look brighter, plumper, tighter, more rested. There could be some flaking (it means that your skin needed to shed some excess dead cells), moderate redness. Both the flaking and the redness are alleviated by WiQo Moisturizing Face Cream for Dry Skin. Please note that after application with PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid your skin may become sensitized to cosmetics. Stick to the WiQo home care program prescribed by your doctor to avoid any side effects.

What is the after care?

Immediately after and in the days following the application you will apply WiQo Moisturizing Face Cream for Dry Skin to restore the hydrolipidic film. From the day following the application, you will apply WiQo Facial Smoothing Fluid for all skin types in the evening, at least half an hour before any other products. If you perform PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid on your body from the day following the application you will apply WiQo Smoothing Moisturizing Body Cream for all skin types in the evening.

Am I able to work out/ wear makeup/ be in the sun after application?

Yes, but avoid saunas/steam baths for a few days. Yes, you’ll be able to wear makeup immediately after the session. Yes, you can go in the sun provided you wear a high-level SPF filter suitable to your skin type. Be aware that PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid may thin your epidermis, making it tan quicker but also more prone to sunburn. PRX-T33 TCA/H2O2/KOJIC Perfect Intense Liquid is non-photo sensitizing.

Is there any downtime after the application?

You’ll be able to resume your social and professional life immediately after the session. Any redness/light flaking can be addressed with the application of WiQo Moisturizing Face Cream for Dry Skin.

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